The right decision at the right time gives you the expected outcome. Yes, this is the truth. We might have experienced it in our life many times. Because if you make a decision but time is not perfect then you will not get the desired output, even your decision is right. I would like to mention here I have taken one of the best decision in my life about my career growth. I have joined DDIP (Digital Internship Program). I have taken this decision after thinking a lot, but finally, I decided and enrolled.

This article is all about my journey in DDIP which includes all the important key points about this internship . I suggest you even if you are not in mood to join but just have a look ,it might change your decision and you will open up doors of versatile career growth, final decision is yours .So, lets start the journey.

Apply for DD Internship Program (Batch 8) (typeform.com)

As I am in the teaching field for 5 years, but somewhere one thing always pushes me towards entrepreneurship. I always think about how can I start my own startup and add value to others. Whenever I got a chance to get new about entrepreneurship took no attempt to grab that thing.

Before joining DDIP in September, I have applied for the same for the previous batch also but not enrolled because of distracted and some doubt. But again when I received mail for the next batch starting soon, then I started thinking and watching videos, reviews, articles about DDIP. Yes, I completely agree it took me some time, but I grab it at the perfect time.

My DDIP journey started on 27 September 2020. I am very excited to share it. After the introduction session of DDIP first video was released. That first video really enough to change your mindset and old belief system. In that long video, you will get to know about the reality of life, and you will push yourself to dream big and start finding the way to reach that goal. This video forced you to come out of your comfort zone and start thinking in a new way. A personality test gives you the type of personality details inside and outside.

In the second video, you will find the best way of marketing fundamentals law and personal branding in the market of your niche. Assignment part really awesome, because of the assignment you will feel energetic and focus on your work, because of the deadline for assignment submission.

In the niche selection assignment, you will come to know that what is your customer avatar is. If you have confused about your area of interest then this will be the best assignment to stand out in the market of your niche.

Assignment four is really awesome you came out of your comfort zone by practicing things which you might have never done before. You can start your online existence by designing your own blog/Website. This the best feeling of having an online address to reach you. You will discover a lot many things with your creativity.

Apply for DD Internship Program (Batch 8) (typeform.com)

This internship program really opens up and polish your unlock skills. You never experience all if you don’t have an assignment deadline and most important is get paid for each assignment. All assignments boost confidence to break all your old beliefs of your life.

In content creation and Marketing assignments, you will discover your writing skills. The best platform to share your views and thoughts and reach out to many peoples through your blogs.

Lead generation is really awesome in the real meaning and many interns started getting their projects through these assignments. This means before completion you can have an opportunity to start your journey.

Facebook and Google ads, SEO, and all other assignments make you confident in the digital marketing field.

I enrolled for other online courses but that was not deadline-based, so I could not complete that to date. But, DDIP is really worth to invest. Practically this is a free course because you will get paid for each and every assignment you have done. This is the best feeling that you are learning and implementing new skills for free. Submission of assignments and deadlines teaches you the power of commitment and dedication to your work.

Why Join this DDIP? The answer to this is even before you complete the course you start getting an offer for a job, freelancing, and consultation depending on your key skills. You can start your own start-up or help others business to scale up by using digital marketing tools.

I am enjoying this journey of exploring new things and came out of my comfort zone. This DDIP has given me confidence and courage to start beyond my professional background. I know that the world is going online and to cope with this competition in the future we must be ready.

I hope if you have reached this point means you are really serious about your growth and got more clarity about this internship. So, it’s time to take your valuable decision. Your decision at the right time with the perfect opportunity can make you stand out.

New registration already in process and the next batches launching in the month of November end and December.


This article is all about my journey in DDIP. I have shared my views and all things you can expect in this program. What more you can expect is a deep explanation video with live Q and A . Deadline for each assignment is 7days, after approval, you will get cashback within a week. You will have a group of like-minded people where you can have conversations and get inspiration from other achievements. Your dedication, commitment and burning desire to your success is the key element.

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I wishing you best in your life. You can have video review for the same. Dont forget to write your feedback.